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Wed, Jul 27  


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"Building Your Business is Our Business"

How Howard Built His Business and What That Means to You: 
When Howard opened his practice in 1993, he brought with him 25 years experience building Canadian and International Corporations.

The firm has become known amongst small and micro-businesses for its ability to provide them with the practical professional expertise and stick handling ability that big corporations have in–house. Increasing your competitive advantage is what our firm is all about.

Howard takes delight in the fact that so many of his referrals come from his “saves” – those clients for whom he’s found ways out of seemingly insolvable problems. He also takes pleasure in successfully defending positions his clients have taken against both CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and the IRS when assessments are reduced.

Our Business Makes Your Business Money
There are three ways to help people make money. You can save them time, reduce their costs or find new revenue streams.  We offer three specialties that help you do just that: 
a) Accounting, Financial and Corporate Taxation
b) Bookkeeping, Payroll and Business Services
c) Industrial Marketing/Strategic Analysis

Uniting the Canadian Accounting Profession
By joining together, Canada’s accounting bodies will be in a strong position to provide the highest quality financial and management accounting services ...
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Accounting, Financial and Corporate Taxation
Contact: Howard Johnson, C.A.

Industrial Marketing/Strategic Analysis
Contact: Howard Johnson, C.A.

U.S. Taxation
Contact: Howard Johnson, C.A.

Capital Sourcing
Contact: Howard Johnson, C.A.